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About Us


Walter Perez began dancing tango in his hometown of Buenos Aires in 1993 and has dedicated his career to studying Argentine tango. Walter has trained with renowned tango instructors such as Juan Carlos Copes, Graciela Gonzalez, Pupy Castello, Pepito Avellaneda, Efrain Ordonez, Jose Garofalo, Rodolfo Dinzel, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida and Claudio Gonzalez. 

Walter has performed in Argentina both on stage and on television. He has toured Argentina and Uruguay with the show “Tangou” (A. Pachano).


In 2000, Walter moved to New York City, where he was featured in a national commercial for Coldwell Banker. He performed in several companies, as "Let's speak tango", "All that Tango" &  "Tango Flamenco Fusion" (Thalia theater productions), “Tango First Century” & “Spotlight on Tango” (Romartis productions). 

He created in 2010 "manoAmano" a Tango Company with whom performed at:20 Annual Gala of "Latin Commision on Aids"(Cipriani NYC), 6th Anniversary of "Cinemarosa"(Queens Museum) and "Bailando por una causa"(Teatro del Barrio).

Walter Perez co-founded Malevaje with Leonardo Sardella in 2011.

He also performed for the Mariella Franganillo Tango Company, and appeared in 2012 in 'Tango Connections' and in 2013 in 'Recuerdo Tango'.

Currently in partnership with IATI (a nonprofit arts organization that promotes Latino heritage), since 2009, Walter has successfully introduced free weekly tango lessons at the Central Brooklyn Public Library.


Leonardo Sardella started dancing tango professionally in his hometown of Buenos Aires. He has trained with renowned tango instructors including Juan Carlos Copes, Rodolfo Dinzel, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, Javier Rodriguez, Angel Coria, Jorge Firpo, Aurora Lubiz, Claudio Gonzalez, Maria & Carlos Rivarola and Cristina Cortez.

Leonardo has performed on the best stages in Argentina with several dance companies. He moved to New York City in 2011 when he co-founded Malevaje with Walter Perez and currently teaches and performs at Dardo Galletto Studios in the heart of Times Square, New York City.

Leo is a principal dancer for the Mariella Franganillo Tango Company and appeared in its 2012,"Tango Connections" and 2013 "Recuerdo Tango" productions.  He has also appeared with "A puro Tango",(2014 U.S.Tour) a Tango world champions company.

Walter and Leonardo

In 2011, Walter and Leonardo Sardella, formed the dance company Malevaje in recognition of their shared belief that Argentine tango answers the universal need to connect with others. They have taken part in the International Queer Tango Festivals worldwide and have performed and taught workshops in major cities in the United States as well as in England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Domenican Republic, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina. They are ranked very high on the list of the world's leading Argentine tango dance partners who are able to flawlessly and creatively exchange roles as leader and follower.

In 2012, Walter and Leonardo created Atlantic Tango, in Brooklyn , where they co-teach tango group lesson and conduct a weekly practica.  Twice a year, they host a Gala event, inviting reknown musicians and tango couples. 

In 2013, Walter created, with Leonardo as program director, "Friends of Argentine Tango",  a non-profit organization, aimed to promote Argentine Tango in all its form.